Medical Nutrition Therapy

Are you interested in using diet to help improve your medical condition? Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) helps identify dietary changes that will improve your health condition.

Health condition that respond to dietary changes include:

  •  Diabetes/pre-diabetes/hypoglycemia/gestational diabetes

  •  Chronic kidney disease, kidney disease

  •  Auto-immune conditions 

  •  Cancer treatment nutrition support, "Thriver" and   cancer prevention nutrition guidelines

  •  GI disorders:Irritable Bowel, GERD/Heartburn

  •  Food  Allergies and Sensitivities

  •  Hypertension

  •  Excess Body Weight and Obesity

  •  Heart disease and high cholesterol

  •  and many more   


   After a detailed nutrition assessment, an individualized nutrition plan will be provided. Optional lab assessments and use of supplements may be suggested. Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor an individual’s progress and provide coaching and support.


Medicare covers MNT for Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Post Transplant
Other Insurance coverage varies

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