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Controlling Urinary Frequency

Recently, a man came in to see me because he was urinating up to twenty times a day. He had seen various urologists and was taking multiple medications. After reviewing his history, checking the medications and giving a physical exam I recognized several things. He was taking one medication to control blood pressure which also had the side effect of affecting the prostate and increasing urination. Secondly, his age, Chinese pulse exam and medical records records showed that he had a weak bladder. Acupuncture has been researched and reveals that it can actually strengthen the bladder leading to a more complete emptying. I discussed this with him and he decided to try a course of acupuncture treatment as well as discontinue the medication for a few days. Recheck of his blood pressure at subsequent visits showed it to be in a very normal range. He further discussed this with his cardiologist and discontinued taking the medication altogether. After he completed a series of acupuncture treatments he was rechecked by his urologist. He had a forty percent improvement and was no longer getting up every few minutes to go to the bathroom. A combination of revising his medication along with acupuncture restored him to reasonably good health. He avoided being permanently catheterized.

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