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Holistic Weight Loss

Many people struggle with being overweight. In fact, obesity is an epidemic in the US. Pills, shots and fad diets have been tried for years by countless people only to find the pounds returning, often resulting in more weight than before. The problem is weight loss programs are one dimensional while the problem is multi-faceted. Diet, coaching, metabolism, emotions and exercise are just some of the many factors that need to be addressed. No one treatment can address all of these issues.

I have found that a combination of therapies works the best at taking off the pounds and keeping them off. At my office, dietary evaluation with a Registered Dietitian along with a customized dietary plan is a necessary first step. Sometimes, specialized blood tests can reveal deficiencies and food intolerances. Based on these findings, correct levels of supplementation can be prescribed along with the best diet. Sometimes Medical Nutrition Therapy is necessary for those people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes. The role of exercise is reviewed and acupuncture is frequently added to help control cravings. With the proper evaluation, counseling, diet, medical considerations for illness and disease, exercise, acupuncture, blood testing and carefully prescribed supplementation the results of a holistic weight loss program can be outstanding.

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