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Everybody is Cupping!

Ever since the current Olympics have shown athletes cupping, it's been all the rage. Truth be told, cupping has been around for thousands of years. For those who don't know about the procedure, traditional cupping utilizes glass cup like devices. The air is evacuated by inserting a flame that uses up the air inside forming a vacuum. Newer devices also use a mechanical pump type device that accomplishes a similar result. The cups remain on for ten minutes or so creating a suction on the skin. Capillaries may rupture and create a bruise which will eventually vanish. The theory is that by bringing fresh blood to the area, healing is enhanced. The science is difficult to prove but many Olympic athletes swear by it saying they could not have achieved what they have achieved without it.

I have used this technique with my patients for many years. I believe it has helped many of them with various aches and pains as well as respiratory problems. Consider this technique for yourself, especially if you have had limited success with other techniques. When properly done by a trained professional cupping is safe and effective.

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