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Show Me Your Fridge... Healthy Pantry Makeover

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Wondering what to eat? An at-home telemedicine "Show Me Your Fridge" fridge/pantry makeover session is one of the best ways for a nutritionist/dietitian to help you with your eating habits. Open your pantry or fridge door and away we go.

Let's have some fun and use the miracle of your cell phone or tablet for me to take a look at what's in your refrigerator and on your pantry shelves. No need to clean or organize before the session....I want to see it as is....Or you can select items that you want me to take a look at and place them on a counter or table. I will give you constructive feedback about you and/or your family's food collection. All you need is a phone or tablet with a camera to take this adventurous journey into your kitchen.

Choose a focus for your 45 minute session...weight management, lowering cholesterol, plant based eating, diabetes management, and more. If you are a new patient, you will be sent a simple questionnaire to complete prior to your session so that I know what you are most interested in.

Included in the session is how to read food labels for your particular needs, cooking method suggestions, storage and food safety info, ideas for healthful substitutions, brand name recommendations, how to stock up for "stay at home" and emergency situations, food budget suggestions and more. You will find out all the good things in your kitchen and I will give you suggestions about what you might want to trash or donate to someone who can use it.

You will receive a "Show Me Your Fridge/Pantry " report after your session with a summary of information provided during the session. I will provide suggestions regarding other nutrition services available that will meet your needs.

Book your "Show Me Your Fridge" Session by calling or emailing our office. The cost of the session is $85.00 and is paid at the time of scheduling your session with a debit or credit card.

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