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Wellness Nutritional Consultation and Coaching

Looking for ways to gain more energy, age more healthfully, increase athletic performance and feel your best? The Wellness and Nutrition Consultation program is for you.


Wellness and Nutrition Coaching program starts with  an initial appointment to create a nutrition improvement plan. Follow up appointments provide coaching, education and planning to help you achieve your goals. 

The initial visit with the dietitian/nutritionist includes

 assessment of:

  •  patient  needs and goals

  •  medical history

  •  dietary history 

  •  activity assessment

  •  caloric and nutrient needs

  •  current supplement intake

  •  drug/nutrient interactions


An initial basic nutrition and wellness improvement plan is provided

Follow up appointments based on patient goals can include:

  •  Meal planning

  •  Food habit change coaching

  •  Cooking and shopping suggestions

  •  Exercise planning

  •  Dining out Suggestions

  •  Cooking Ideas and Recipes

  •  Supplement Advice

  •  Anti-inflammatory Food Protocol

  •  Food Sensitivity Protocols 

  •  Recommendations for Functional Nutrition Testing

Telephone and Internet Consultations Available for your convenience


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